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The Trust actively campaigns on a range of issues, ensuring that the patient voice is heard, to improve services for those affected by a liver condition, promote early intervention and diagnosis, and to raise awareness. Current campaigns include:

Love Your Liver

The Trust launched its Love Your Liver campaign in 2012 as a national campaign aiming to increase awareness, promote good liver health and offer practical advice to the public on reducing risk factors. The main part of the campaign has taken the form of a roadshow for the last three years where ‘pop up’ liver clinics have been offered in key cities around the country during January each year. Additional events take place throughout the year. For more information visit the Love Your Liver website.

Liver Task Force

The Trust works with the Liver Task Force to develop and implement actions which would have been part of a National Liver Strategy had it been implemented, such as commissioning frameworks; patient protocols; patient related outcome measures and patient related experience measures.

Alcohol Health Alliance

As part of this group of 70 experts from across industry and the government we are campaigning for the introduction of a new alcohol strategy which calls for a 50p minimum price per unit of alcohol, mandatory labelling of alcohol with health and nutritional information,  and a range of policies to address the health effects of the national issue of excessive drinking.

To support the AHA’s recommendations on alcohol labelling please sign the Alliance’s petition to the Department of Health for health & nutritional information on alcohol labels to be mandatory. Click here for more information or to sign the petition

NICE Appraisal Committees

The Trust is part of a number of committees set up by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) to represent the patient voice on a range of subjects such as non invasive testing in alcohol related liver fibrosis, various new drug treatments for liver related conditions, the viral Hepatitis Advisory Committee and the Obesity Forum.

Prescription Charges Coalition

The Trust is part of a group of patient organisations campaigning to extend exemption from prescription charges to all those with long term conditions. Visit the campaign website.

Liver Patients’ Transplant Consortium

This group of charities relates to transplants, NHS and blood. We are currently working on the effects of the changes in the NHS on patient services, including the impact of Health and Wellbeing Boards, commissioning and equality of access to technology.

All Party Parliamentary Groups on Alcohol and Hepatology

We are active members of these groups to promote discussion of alcohol related health issues and all hepatological issues, including viral hepatitis and related public health issues, to raise matters of concern with, and make representations to, government and other policy makers. View the latest report.

NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare for People with Liver Disease

This first ever report has highlighted the widespread variations across the across the country giving us the starting point for discussion with the underperforming regions to identify how they plan to improve services and reduce inequality for liver patients. View the report.

The Lancet Liver Commission

The Trust is a member of a Lancet Liver Commission aiming to provide the strongest evidence base through involvement of experts from a wide cross-section of disciplines, making firm recommendations to reduce the unacceptable premature mortality and disease burden from avoidable causes and to improve the standard of care for patients with liver disease in hospital.
View the full report
Click here to visit the Lancet Liver campaign

Hepatitis C – New Treatments

Recent requests from NHS England to NICE to delay new hepatitis C treatments are not in the best interests of patients – see our consultation responses:

BLT response to NICE – NHS England’s request to delay funding Sofosbuvir

BLT response to NICE – NHS England’s request to delay funding Simeprevir

Wales Liver Disease Delivery Plan Consultation

The Welsh government are seeking comments on their draft liver disease services delivery plan. View the Trust’s response: BLT response to Welsh liver disease delivery plan 060115

James Lind Alliance

The Trust is working very closely with the James Lind Alliance on two projects to gain public, patients, clinicians, researchers and other stakeholders’ opinions on what research is not currently available and should be addressed for the future in the areas of all Non-Alcohol Related Liver Disease and Alcohol Related Liver Disease.