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Our governance team sets the strategy, direction and policies of the Trust. The Trustees take overall responsibility for the charity, taking advice from the Clinical Advisory Community on medical matters. The Trustees convene smaller sub-committees to work in more detail on areas such as Press & PR, and Communications.


The board of Trustees is made up of people with a wide range of skills and experience. Many of  our Trustees have personal experience of liver disease; others have worked in related fields and/or have skills essential to the running of a health charity with our mission. Other members have skills in finance and new media. We are currently looking to appoint a Trustee with specific responsibility for fundraising.

President, Patrons and Vice Presidents

The President, Patrons and Vice Presidents are senior people who take an interest in the direction and influence of the charity. These stakeholders advocate on our behalf and help influence where appropriate.

President:  Professor The Hon Oliver James Fmed Sci

Professor Oliver James is Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He was formerly Head of the University’s School of Clinical Medical Sciences and for almost thirty years a Consultant Physician in Newcastle. His research interests have been in liver disease and ageing, having written over 300 research papers. He is a former Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Physicians and President of the British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL). He is also Chair of the Scientific Advisory Panel of ERAB (an independent European biomedical research charity into alcohol, funded by the brewers of Europe).


Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe
Alexis Gauthier

Vice Presidents

Professor Michael Arthur
Lady Shauna Gosling
Professor Elwyn Elias
Professor Howard Thomas
Mr David Butler

Clinical Advisory Community

The Clinical Advisory Community consists of Hepatologists, GPs, Liver Nurses and other health professionals with expertise in the field of liver disease. The Clinical Advisory Community helps and advises the charity, reviewing publications and supporting our patient information services, as well members playing a key role in our Love Your Liver campaign and community liver health clinics.


Professor Michael Deighan

Professor Michael Deighan is the British Liver Trust’s Ambassador in Scotland. Michael advises boards in the public and private sectors on their governance agendas and the manner in which Chairs, Non-executive Directors and Executive Directors perform their duties. In 1990 he was made a Fellow of the World Health Organisation in the field of Quality Assurance. In 1994 he became Professor in Health Policy in a joint role at Manchester and Anglia Polytechnic Universities. Michael is Associate Adviser (development and training services) to the British Council and in 1999 was made the first UK Honorary Professor of Health Governance in the Department of International Health Studies at Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh.