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Company support

The support provided by companies can help to ensure our patient services, research and awareness raising activities continue. If you would like to support us with pro bono activity or by funding one of our projects, please call us on 01425 481320.

We are looking for sponsors for Love Your Liver, if you would like to be associated with a UK-wide health awareness campaign, do get in touch. Call 01425 481320 or email


Love Your Liver events in your company

Whatever size your company and wherever you are based in the UK, we would love to work with you to raise awareness of liver disease.

An estimated 12 million people are unaware they are living with liver damage; this is a ticking time bomb but we can reverse the situation and prevent early liver damage from causing major health issues. We would be delighted to work with you to inform your staff of the risks and how to avoid damage.

Our Regional Community Champions can come into your workplace and tailor a Love Your Liver package to suit your business.

We can provide liver health information and engaging activities to help staff see how they can keep their liver healthy for life. Staff can take our online liver health screener to assess their level of risk, and talk to our team about how to stay healthy.

All Love Your Liver events include an information pack for staff. Love Your Liver events can also include mocktails and how to reduce alcohol intake.

To find out more about our company Love Your Liver events click here, or Email us or call 01425 481320 and we’ll be happy to help.