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Living With Liver Disease

Managing your liver condition

Liver disease is complex, varied and fluctuates, meaning that no one person’s experience of liver disease is the same as another. Your experience of liver problems may vary from day to day. This is partly because the liver has a huge number of functions and so liver failure can affect almost every part of your body and the way you feel.

This guide is for people living with a liver condition, and their families, to explain some of the emotional, physical and practical problems of the disease. It will help you to manage your condition by suggesting questions to ask, choices which you can make for your care and highlighting the help and services which are available.

“Treat every day in as positive a manner as you can. Don’t ask yourself ‘Why me?’ as you cannot change the past.” 
Phil, Hampshire

I always find when talking to people about my own liver condition, I refer to how I live around and with it.” Judith, Birmingham

Some sections contain information for people with advanced liver disease and serious symptoms. It is important to remember that many people do not experience severe problems from their liver disease and much of this information may not apply to your condition. If you have questions about the information in this publication, please discuss this with your medical team.

Being Diagnosed with Liver Disease

Accessing the Right Care

Things to Consider About Treatment

Looking After Yourself

Looking After Someone with Liver Disease

Understanding Your Rights

Who Else Can Help


Please visit the support section of our website for information on Support groups in your area.

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Last Updated August 2009
Reviewed by: Dr Toby Delahooke, Consultant Hepatologist, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Phil, B.B., Linda, Judith, Lynda.