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Livergoodlife Film

Liver good life: four steps to take control of your liver’s health

   Know the risks 
                                There are many causes of liver disease but there are three main threats to your liver’s health which you can protect yourself from. 


  • Alcohol 
    f you regularly drink more than a pint or two of beer, or a couple of glasses of wine each day, you’re putting the liver under incredible strain.  
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  • Fatty liver disease
    Fatty deposits can build up in your liver and cause inflammation and liver damage. This is more likely if you are overweight and don’t exercise.  
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  • Viral hepatitis (A, B & C)
    Viruses can invade the liver and cause damage. 
    People may not know they have them so they’re easy to pass on.     
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   Get protected 

  • Stick to the recommended drinking guidelines and give your liver at least 2 days a week free from alcohol
  • Watch your diet and take regular exercise
  • Use a condom when you have sex
  • Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B
  • Don’t share equipment which could have been contaminated with blood or body fluids

 Get tested


  • Liver disease can be a silent killer and symptoms can take years to develop, even decades
  • If you think your liver may have been exposed to damage – get tested
  • There are blood tests for viral hepatitis and liver function
  • Visit your GP or GUM clinic
  • GUM clinics offer confidential testing for hepatitis B and C

   Get treated   


  • Liver disease can impact every part of your life
  • It can be serious, even fatal
  • There are treatments for viral hepatitis
  • For alcohol and fatty liver disease, treatment will involve lifestyle changes to diet and exercise and careful monitoring 
  • The sooner you get treatment the better