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British Liver Trust holds the Information Standard, so you can be confident our information comes from reliable sources and has been peer-reviewed before publication. Please click on the links below to download publications in PDF format.

Patient guides

 Alcohol front page  Alcohol and liver disease AIH front cover websize 45x95   Autoimmune Hepatitis
B Benign tumours and cystic disease of the liver.
B  Budd-Chiari Syndrome
Cirrhosis cover 45x94  Cirrhosis of the liver  DLD0411-1_web 45X62 Diet and Liver disease
nafld Non-alcohol related fatty liver disease Gallstones 45x94 Gallstones
07063 GILBERTS v2:BLT Gilbert’s Syndrome Haemochromatosis cover45X94  Haemochromatosis
 HE thumbnail Hepatic Encephalopathy  Hep A cover45x94 Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B High Res PDF.pdf Hepatitis B  Hep C cover 2015thumbnail New Hepatitis C
LCZ 03 11 cover_web45X94  Liver cancer  LDTE front cover web45x54  Liver disease tests explained
Liver transplantation LTX0207 Liver transplantation OCZ0411_cover45x94 Obstetric Cholestasis
P Porphyria Primary biliary cirrhosis cover45x94 Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
PSC Front cover web45x94  Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis W Wilson’s disease
LWL0109_cover 45x94  Living with liver disease Life after liver transplant45x94  Life after liver transplant


Liver awareness publications

  LYL front page Love Your Liver
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  L  BBVs are bad company
  Get out of jail BBV free cover45x94 Get out of jail BBV free!   Wise up45x94 Wise up to BBVs
  L BBV Poster – Hepatitis B   BBV prevention poster BBV Poster – Prevention
HepABC-1 45x94 Hepatitis ABC