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Charities and industry join together to improve testing of hepatitis C in prisons

The British Liver Trust is a member of the Hepatitis C Coalition – a a group of leading clinicians, patient organisations, professional groups, industry and …

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338,000 admitted to hospital as a result of alcohol in 2017/18

There were 338,000 admissions to hospital in 2017/18 where the main cause was due to drinking alcohol, according to new figures published today. The figures, …

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Trust calls for public health funding to be priority in Spending Review

The British Liver Trust joined forces today with 54 other leading health organisations and bodies calling for public health to be a priority in the …

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Avoid sugary food and drinks to combat fatty liver disease, new study reveals

New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reveals that a diet low in sugary food and drinks results in significant improvement …

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A quarter of Brits admit to having lied about how much they drink

A quarter of Brits admit to having lied about how much they drink. The person they’re most likely to lie to is their doctor It’s been …

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Can you help with a new research project?

Can you help with a new research project? Do you have or do you care for someone with cirrhosis or someone who has ascites? The …

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Multidisciplinary conference to address latest innovations for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

The British Liver Trust are pleased to be supporting the HCC-UK 2019 Conference “A Personalised Medicine Approach to Optimise Care in Hepatocellular Cancer”. Hepatocellular carcinoma …

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IQILS (the new accreditation scheme for liver services ) – What does it mean for patients?

IQILS stands for Improving Quality in Liver Services. It is a new accreditation scheme for UK hospitals that care for people with liver conditions to …

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Liverpool centre for alcohol research launches

The British Liver Trust is delighted to see the launch of the Liverpool Centre for Alcohol Research (LCAR) today. The new Centre is led by …

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Hereditary Haemochromatosis, a common gene disorder causes serious “stealth” disease, but could be easily treated

Two major studies have revealed that haemochromatosis, previously thought to be a low-level health risk, actually quadruples risk of liver disease and doubles the risk …

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