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New life saving research to tackle the shortage of livers

The British Liver Trust is supporting ground breaking work taking place at the Queen Elizabeth  Hospital Birmingham (QEHB). The research has recently been featured in …

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Consultation on ‘opt out’ organ donation system – have your say

With less than a month to go in the government consultation on a new system of ‘opt out’ for organ donation everyone is encouraged to …

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Trust calls for more scanning services by NHS to avert liver disease ‘timebomb’

In an article published in the Sunday Express and online, Vanessa Hebditch, the Trust’s Director of Communications & Policy, commenting on the rise of liver …

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Rise of alcohol related liver disease not being addressed in England

An article published online today calls for England to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol and follow the lead of Scotland, Wales and …

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NHS England sets out plans to be first in the world to eliminate Hepatitis C

England could be the first country in the world to eliminate Hepatitis C, under ambitious plans announced by the NHS today. Judi Rhys, Chief Executive …

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Royal Society of Public Health proposes new labelling scheme to tackle alcohol health awareness vacuum

Alcohol industry urged to reverse recent changes that put British drinkers even more in the dark UK could use Brexit as an opportunity to fix …

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Minimum Unit Price – Health Select Committee Inquiry today

The Health and Home Affairs Select Committees will consider the case for minimum unit pricing of alcohol today in Parliament. The Health Select Committee Inquiry …

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Call to action on the impact of junk food marketing on children’s obesity

On Tuesday 16th January MPs will debate the impact of junk food marketing on children’s obesity. As members of the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA), the …

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One in six parents allow their children to drink alcohol at age 14

Seventeen per cent of UK parents have let their children drink alcohol by the age of 14, according to new findings from the Millennium Cohort …

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Office party revellers urged to do Dry January

On the day that sees the largest number of us head out to the annual  office party, the British Liver Trust is urging people to …

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