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Can you help with a new research project?

Can you help with a new research project? Do you have or do you care for someone with cirrhosis or someone who has ascites?

The team at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Brighton and Sussex University Hospital  are trying to improve end of life care for people with advanced cirrhosis and fluid in the abdomen (ascites) when liver transplant is not an option. Rather than have to come into hospital every 10-14 days to have the fluid drained we want to assess the role of long-term abdominal drains. These are permanent drains that allow small amounts of fluid to be removed 2-3 times/week at home. This puts patients in control, improves comfort and allows for remaining time to be spent outside of hospital.

We would like to discuss this research with patients and carers with cirrhosis who have had or have ascites. We would like their views on the research idea, outcome measures and what questionnaires we should use to assess symptoms and quality of life. Patients will need to attend a workshop either in Brighton or London. Travel costs will be reimbursed and they will be offered £15 Sainsbury vouchers for their time.

If you are able to take part please contact Sumita Verma at as soon as possible.

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