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Work With Primary Care

Liver disease – a clinical priority for Primary Care

The British Liver Trust has been successful in its application to work in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in making liver disease a clinical priority for the UK’s primary health care professionals and practice staff.  

This is a three year programme in which the the British Liver Trust will work in partnership with the RCGP to

  • Increase the number of patients who are a) detected with liver disease at early stage and b) receiving appropriate treatment to potentially reverse some if not all of the damage and prevent more serious illness
  • Raise awareness of the key risk factors for the 90% of preventable liver disease
  • Develop and encourage the use of clear early identification, management and  treatment pathways and common GP systems for viral hepatitis, non-alcohol related fatty liver disease and alcohol related liver disease (taking into account forthcoming NICE guidance)  to prevent unnecessary hospital referral
  • Disseminate clear guidelines, toolkits, resources and learning materials to GPs and provide e learning and workshops
  • Review current GP curricula and make appropriate revisions

A senior clinician has been recruited to the role of Clinical Champion to provide clinical leadership for the programme. Their role will be jointly managed by the RCGP and the British Liver Trust to plan, implement and deliver an innovative programme of work to help GPs and fellow primary healthcare professionals to improve the quality of life and care for liver patients and improve early detection. They will work with key decision makers and opinion formers on a selection of identified projects that seek to improve the quality of care to benefit patient outcomes.

Resources and Information for GPs

As part of the collaboration, the Trust and the RCGP are creating a range of resources and a tool kit for GPs and Practice nurses. Further details are available on the RCGP website.

Specific goals April 2016 – March 2017:

  • Appointment of clinical champion and steering group members
  • Scoping what is currently available, existing projects, current curriculum, and links to other initiatives/ multi-morbidity management
  • Conduct a baseline ‘knowledge and attitude survey’ and develop appropriate impact measurement approaches
  • Identification of key partner/stakeholders
  • Development of detailed work plan and marketing, communication and engagement plan
  • Liaison with Nation managers (England, NI, Scotland and Wales) to share work plan and discuss devolved nation differences
  • Year One stakeholder meeting

Specific goals 2017 – 2019 (to be confirmed and amended after scoping exercise):

  • Development of GP web resources including e learning modules, online tool kit, position statement 
  • Input into GP curriculum
  • Development and communication on patient pathways
  • GP patient materials
  • Dissemination, encouragement and monitoring of uptake and awareness of NICE guidance
  • Information on how, when and who to test (including dissemination of the new guidance being developed by British Society of Gastroenterology)
  • Workshops and conferences highlighting liver disease to GPs