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Work With Primary Care

Liver disease – a clinical priority for Primary Care

The British Liver Trust and RCGP are currently working in partnership on the liver disease clinical priority programme. This is a three year programme of work running from 2016-2019 aiming to support GPs and primary care professionals in identifying and delivering care to patients with liver disease.

Its goal is to make liver disease prevention, detection and treatment a central part of routine healthcare amongst the UK’s 52,000 GPs, practice nurses and other team members.

It aims to:

  • Improve early detection of all types of liver disease and ensure that patients receive appropriate intervention and treatment
  • Raise awareness amongst GPs, primary care nurses and patients of the key risk factors for liver disease, including alcohol misuse, obesity, and viral hepatitis
  • Provide practitioners with information on interventions to reduce risk factors and therefore prevent liver disease developing
  • Develop and encourage the use of clear early identification, management and treatment pathways and common GP systems for alcohol-related liver disease, viral hepatitis and non-alcohol related fatty liver disease with the aim of using referral to secondary care in the most effective way
  • Disseminate clear guidelines, toolkits, resources and learning materials to GPs and provide e-learning and workshops
  • Ensure that primary care clinical coding systems provide an effective means for the recording of liver disease to facilitate both clinical care and data retrieval for audit and research

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