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Help with Fundraising Pages

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the British Liver Trust. We’ve teamed up with Everyday Hero to provide our own supporter fundraising pages.

Below is a quick guide to getting started – if you can’t find what you need here then please visit the Everyday Hero help instructions at:

Steps to getting started:

  1. Choose your event
  2. Sign-up for a fundraising account
  3. Create your fundraising page
  4. Promote and share your fundraising page

Choose Your Event

Have a look at the events and decide which one you would like to do. Open the page for that event and it will give you all the details of the event. On the event page there will be a button called ‘Start Fundraising’ simply click on that button to get started with building your fundraising page

Sign-up for fundraising

In order to create a page you will first have to register and create an Everyday Hero account with a login and password. Create your account your account using your social media or email details - simply follow the steps on screen.

Create Your Fundraising Page

Once you have logged in you get the option to create a fundraising page, just select your theme, follow the on screen steps and create your page.

Add your page photo
To personalise your page and make it instantly recognisable, you can upload your own photo. It could be a photo of you or perhaps an image that you want to be associated with. To add a photo just click Update Page Photo.

Set your sponsorship goal
Show your supporters how much you want to raise. To set your goal, just click on My Goal on the black bar. We suggest setting an ambitious target to encourage friends and family to donate generously to help make a real difference to the lives of those with a liver condition.

Personalise your page
Put an explanation of why you are fundraising for the Trust and what you hope to achieve in the ‘My Story’ section. It really helps raise support if everyone understands how passionate you are about the cause and the challenge you are taking on. Just click Edit Story to update this section.

Share your page
Tell everyone how and why you are supporting the British Liver Trust and how they can help by sponsoring your efforts. By clicking the blue Share box you can post your page to Facebook or Twitter, or send it via email. 

Update your supporters
Post updates to your supporters on your progress.  You can even post photos too. Just type in the Post an update box.


We really appreciate your support and want everyone to enjoy fundraising for the British Liver Trust. As a small charity your support can make a real difference in helping everyone affected by a liver condition.

If you need any help with using your  page, or if you would like more tips on ways of fundraising to achieve your goal then call us on 01425 481320  or email