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Improvements in patient centred care still not being delivered

A jointly authored Report, ‘Nutritional Care and the Patient Voice: Are we being listened to?’ is published today by BAPEN and PINNT with involvement and endorsement from nine other patient organisations, including the British Liver Trust, confirming that patients and carers feel little progress has been made in delivering improved patient-centred care. More worryingly some feel that there has been a recent deterioration in care.

Despite the publication of many new reports, policies and reviews and the ongoing reorganisation of the health service to improve patient care, there remains uncertainty from many patient groups as to how much real progress has been made.  Clear recommendations published by BAPEN in 2008, which reported on general aspects of nutritional support in the context of other considerations, including; shared decision-making; tailoring of healthcare services to the patients’ needs and continuity of care.  However, despite its importance, nutritional care has not been focussed on as a central theme.

The Report looked to address three key issues:

  • whether adequate priority has been given to nutrition and hydration services and whether they have improved in the last few years
  • whether or not the patient experience associated with nutritional support has improved
  • whether or not inequities in nutritional care have been adequately addressed

All of the organisations that collaborated in the compilation of the Report agreed that much more needs to be done to improve the management of patients with nutrition and hydration problems.  Patients, families, carers and patient organisations represented in this Report stand ready to be involved directly in improving patient care.  They believe they are a valuable resource with whom closer interaction can benefit healthcare organisations.

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