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International NASH Day takes place on 12th June 2019

The British Liver Trust is supporting the second global day of action against fatty liver diseases.

International NASH Day aims raising awareness about NonAlcoholic SteatoHepatitis (better known as NASH), a growing silent liver disease induced by unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Locally organised events will happen all over the world. Anyone can join in the effort by organising or participating in a local event. The voices of patients, caregivers and organisations around the world will unite to raise awareness and promote early intervention.

‘One in three adults in the UK is overweight or obese and, as a result, the prevalence of NAFLD is increasing at an alarming rate,’ says Pamela Healy, chief executive of the charity British Liver Trust.

‘Early diagnosis is vital. We know that, if it is caught early, there is good evidence that losing just 5 to 10 per cent of your body weight can improve non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or even reverse the scarring in the liver that occurs in the more advanced form of the disease.’

What is NASH?

NASH is a silent and degenerative liver disease that affects up to 12% of the adult population worldwide without symptoms, and is expected to become the leading cause for liver transplant by 2020.

There is a urgent need to raise awareness in the general population about the consequences of this public health burden in the years to come, and to
create a relevant bridge between physicians and individuals at risk, to improve patient care worldwide in the future

Why getting involved is essential

YOUR LIVER MATTERS: As the center piece of the metabolism, protecting your liver means protecting your whole body to
ensure an healthy life.

LIVER DISEASES ARE SUBJECT TO PREJUDICE: Wrongly considered as the only consequence of alcohol or drug abuse, or sexually
transmitted diseases.

NASH CAN BE PREVENTED WITH A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: People must know the consequences of unhealthy diet and lack of physical
exercise and how it can impact both your liver and global health.

NASH IS CONSIDERED AS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE: Closely linked to the obesity and diabetes epidemics, and estimated to affect
up to 12% of the population worldwide, without any symptoms.

NASH CAN EVOLVE AND LEAD TO SEVERE OUTCOMES: The general population needs to understand that it is more than just a liver
disease and that it affects the general health as well.

NASH DAY GIVES A VOICE TO PATIENTS WORLDWIDE: Who are still misunderstood today, and need their stories to be told.

THERE’S STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: And a worldwide coalition to raise awareness about NASH consequences is essential.

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