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Love Your Liver Q&A Videos With Dr Hilary Jones Parts 1-4

In January, the British Liver Trust worked with Health Express to hold a liver health live Q&A with Dr Hilary Jones. The session coincided with the Trust’s Love Your Liver campaign, and was a chance for members of the public to address their questions to a well known GP and health presenter.

Now Health Express have created a series of videos in which Dr Hilary answers a selection of the questions that were sent in. Each week a new question will be answered. See below for the latest answer.


Part 4: Dr Hilary answers the question  ‘I never get drunk, but I do drink a bottle of wine most nights once I’ve got the kids to bed. Am I at risk of liver disease?’

Part 3: Dr Hilary answers the question ‘I have type 2 diabetes but haven’t had a test for liver disease. Should I be worried?’

Part 2:  Dr Hilary answers the question ‘My hands are covered in liver spots, I seem to get more every month. Have I got liver disease?’

Part 1: Dr Hilary answers the question ‘I had a tattoo done when I was in India – have I put myself at risk of hepatitis?

If you have any further questions on keeping your liver healthy, please see our Looking after your liver pages, take our online Love Your Liver Health Check or Contact Us for more information.


Note: Health Express is an online clinic providing support, advice and treatment for a number of health conditions, including some related to liver health such as smoking, weight loss and diabetes. To find out more visit their website.

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