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Prescription Charges Coalition

The Prescription Charges Coalition brings together 24 charities calling on the Government to abolish unfair prescription charges for people with long-term conditions.

Since April 2009, people with cancer no longer have to pay for prescriptions. This is a great step forward, but evidence shows that many people with long-term conditions struggle to afford their prescriptions, and often choose not to fill prescriptions because of the cost. For example:

  • A MORI survey for CAB found that 800,000 people failed to collect a prescription during 2007 in England because of the cost involved. People with long-term conditions are particularly affected.
  • An Asthma UK survey found that 34% of people who have to pay for their asthma medication sometimes choose not to get some of their prescriptions because of the cost.
  • Research published by Rethink in 2008 shows that 38 per cent of people with severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia have to choose between paying household bills and paying prescription charges.

To find out more click here and sign the petition on the campaign website.