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Dry January

Dry January – the first step to Loving Your Liver

Please urge your friends and family to do Dry January 2018, a great way to kick start liver health for the New Year.

How to do Dry January:

AND – Ask all your friends and family to sponsor you or take part themselves!

Getting sponsorship or donating what would be spent on alcohol is a simple way to raise funds.

Dry January is a great way to begin the year” said Judi Rhys, Chief Executive British Liver Trust. “However, don’t just stop for a month and then binge on alcohol; Dry January should be seen as the impetus to change people’s relationship with alcohol forever.  We recommend everyone has two to three consecutive alcohol-free days every week. Encourage friends and family to support us during Dry January and you could be doing more than simply helping people start the New Year well – you could be saving their liver and their life.”

Read more on the Dry January website

Read Clare Hutton’s emotive story to find out why signing up for Dry January is a great idea

Friends and family can support each other through Dry January. Every single £1 donated will help our services to continue.

Thank you for your support!