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Love Your Liver Events

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Our Love Your Liver health events give people the chance to take our online screener and if results indicate high risk for one of the three main risk factors for liver damage (alcohol, obesity, viral hepatitis) we may be able to offer a non-invasive liver check with a Fibroscan machine. This scan will give an indication of any liver damage and depending on the result, you may then be referred to your GP for further liver tests. 

These events are vital to raise awareness and help people understand how to reduce their risk of liver damage.  We would love to deliver more of these, but as a registered charity we need to raise funds or secure sponsorship to keep these events going.

“I’ve just got back from the Leigh Love Your Liver event. Everyone was lovely there and so helpful .My Fibroscan  score is F2  7.6kpa and I have a letter saying I need a referral which I will take to doctors as soon as possible. I am so glad I went hopefully now I can get some help. Thanks again……” Mrs M, Merseyside

A big thank you to all the local liver nurses and doctors who support us and without whom we could not do these community events. If you are concerned in any way about your liver health, please do not wait for a Love Your Liver day, talk to your pharmacist or GP.

If you have attended one of our liver health events, please take a few moments to complete our survey. Your feedback will help us improve our services.

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