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Get involved – Corporate wellbeing

Corporate Love Your Liver Day

We can provide a Love Your Liver Corporate Awareness Day for staff. The day includes a range of quick and easy health checks, such as blood pressure, BMI, total body fat, visceral fat measurements, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and hydration levels.

Additional activities include a nutritional review, units of alcohol activity, hepatitis awareness and our liver health screener.

Attendees will receive their personal results and support and advice on any potential health issues.

For more information and costs, please download the information sheet or contact

Information and awareness event

Workplaces often hold awareness raising events, either specifically regarding liver health or as part of wider health information and awareness drives. Similar activities also take place in colleges and through groups and societies.

The British Liver Trust can provide materials, and also promote your event through our website and social media communications, if appropriate.

A donation from your Health and Wellbeing budget would be appreciated for this assistance if possible, and we ask that a British Liver Trust collection box is present at the event for voluntary donations.

Contact us to talk about your event requirements and the range of materials available to support you. Email us at to discuss your plans.

Full screening and scanning event, managed and delivered by the British Liver Trust

The British Liver Trust mobile screening unit can visit your workplace to stage a Love Your Liver screening and scanning event.

Participants will be able to take our liver health screener, and be offered a FibroScan check to assess their liver health. Support and information on any potential health issues will be provided.

The Trust will organise all the logistical aspects of the day, and attend and run the event.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and associated costs: