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Research is essential to ensure the impact of liver disease is reduced in the future. British Liver Trust funds research as one of our three key aims. We have been making research awards since we were first established and we are committed to continuing to fund research to:

  • advance fundamental knowledge within hepatology
  • improve or find new methods for the prevention, early detection and screening for all types of liver disease
  • improve or find new treatments for liver disease to benefit patients
  • identify and address areas of unmet medical and research needs in liver disease
  • ensure research funding supports the further development of the Trust’s own services for the benefit of anyone affected by a liver condition

The Trust operates a rigorous process of application and peer review when giving out research grants. This ensures that all grants we award for research are based on an independently rated assessment of the proposed work by a knowledgeable group of experts.

Liver disease research is poorly funded in the UK. British Liver Trust is one of the few organisations that will fund initial research into liver disease and even the relatively small scale funding which we are able to make available is a vital source in the UK.

For information on NHS funded research projects visit the National Institute for Health Research website

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