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Patient Leaflets

British Liver Trust publishes leaflets and factsheets on a range of liver diseases. All our patient information is written or reviewed by leading liver specialists to make sure the information is accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date.

We are holders of the Information Standard, which means that our information comes from trusted sources and you can be assured that it is up to date and relevant.

Our publications are reviewed by ‘lay readers’ before publication – these are people with first hand experience of liver disease. Their views and suggestions help to make sure the guides reflect actual experience of diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for specific conditions.

Not everyone will have the same experience and the same treatment is not available across the country. We cover what there is to know, including upcoming treatments, treatment available elsewhere and research information so that our leaflets can empower as well as inform people affected by liver disease.

Leaflets are written in clear and straightforward language, using a minimum of clinical terminology, which is explained when it is used.

Professional Guides

British Liver Trust currently publishes two guides for professionals focusing on viral hepatitis: ‘A professional’s guide to hepatitis B’ and ‘A professional’s guide to hepatitis C’.

The guides will be useful for staff working across a number of clinical environments outside the hepatology field where further knowledge about treating liver disease would be beneficial.

Non-practitioners, such as health and safety advisors, drug counsellors and other people similarly called upon to advise in health-related settings, would benefit from these guides.

Written by experienced hepatologists, the guides provide an overview of disease prevalence in the UK followed by brief guidance on diagnosis, prevention and treatment. A glossary, list of resources and contact details for useful organisations are also provided.


Endorsement from British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL)

On behalf of BASL I would like to strongly endorse the British Liver Trust publications and information leaflets. Not only do they provide information that a healthcare professional can build on with the patient but also essential information to aid the understanding of the liver condition to the patient’s carers. The information available is broad, not just disease specific but provides explanations of what liver tests are and what it is like living with liver disease. Including guidance as to what a patient might expect when coming for a liver biopsy or a “scan” produced by recognised hepatologists. Also practical information relating to insurance, mortgages and occupation.

The BLT informs and raises awareness about liver disease and maintains a regular up to date newsletter.

Supporting the BLT publications helps inform patients and healthcare professionals in the management of their patients.

Dr Mark Hudson, BASL President

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