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Patient Leaflets

The British Liver Trust publishes leaflets and factsheets on a range of liver diseases. All our patient information and publications are written by, or rigorously assessed and reviewed by, medical specialists in their field and other health professionals.

Our publications are also reviewed by ‘lay readers’ before publication – these are people with first-hand experience of liver disease. Their views and suggestions help to make sure the guides reflect actual experience of diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for specific conditions.

Not everyone will have the same experience, and the same treatment is not available across the country. We cover what there is to know, including upcoming treatments, treatment available elsewhere and research information, so that our leaflets can empower as well as inform people affected by liver disease.

Leaflets are written in clear and straightforward language, using a minimum of clinical terminology, which is explained when it is used.

If you are a patient, carer or health care professional and would like to help by reviewing one of our publications, please contact us on 01425 481320 or email

The British Liver Trust is committed to:

  • Producing high quality health information and social guidance for the prevention and treatment of liver conditions in adults
  • Ensuring that all the information is rigorously assessed by professionals against our publications standard criteria, and meets the requirements of our guidelines
  • Continually reviewing and updating all information materials, to ensure content remains relevant, accurate, evidence based, balanced and written in clear understandable language
  • Ensuring that all those involved in producing the information are aware of, and comply with, our publication guidelines and the requirements of our standard
  • Maintaining accurate records to ensure adherence to the standard by all those involved in producing the information.

The Trust is currently undergoing Information Standard recertification.

Endorsement from British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL)

On behalf of BASL I would like to strongly endorse the British Liver Trust publications and information leaflets. They provide information that a healthcare professional can build on with their patients and essential information to help carers fully understand liver conditions. The information available is both comprehensive and disease specific. It provides explanations of what liver tests are and what it is like living with liver disease, including what a patient might expect when undergoing a liver biopsy or scan, and even includes practical information relating to insurance, mortgages and employment. The Trust’s publications support patients themselves and healthcare professionals in the management of their patients.

Graeme Alexander

Dr Graeme Alexander, BASL President