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Diana’s Story

In 2008, at the age of 45, when I was doing my training to become a nurse, I lost my dad and two weeks after, …

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Hilary’s Story

My journey with liver disease began on 28/12/2008, before that I had been or so I thought healthy, I was overweight but looked after my …

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Patrick’s story

Having liver cancer has changed my life and, to an extent changed me as a person. My outlook on life, my relationships with others and …

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Richard’s story

My Story: In order for me to try and understand my own situation, I had to be brutally honest and try and psychoanalyse myself. Only …

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Day and Jared’s story

Day and Jared’s dad was given a blood transfusion that hadn’t been properly tested and he contracted hepatitis C. The virus caused cirrhosis of the …

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Walter Trout

Following a liver transplant, and extensive rehabilitation, the esteemed Bluesman feels strong enough to resume his career of fifty plus years.  Trout shares, “The last …

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Gordon Brown’s Story

In January 2011 I went to the doctors with a chest infection whilst chatting to her I mentioned that I had lost a lot of …

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Bob Whatmough’s story

Below is information regarding my health problem and the technology that gave me a new lease of life. A dad-of-four underwent a life-saving liver transplant …

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Olivia’s story

Olivia is currently on the transplant list having suffered from Biliary Atresia since childhood. Read her inspiring story on her blog

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Jenni’s story

Jenni has been living with Autoimmune Hepatitis since the age of 13 and was put on the transplant list and had a successful transplant in …

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