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Lucy’s story

Lucy’s story

I have auto immune hepatitis. I had my first liver transplant in January 2012 after giving birth to my daughter in June 2011. I then needed a second transplant and underwent that on the 12th October 2014 and have been fine, since till I had an infection over Christmas and now my liver started playing up; I am undergoing tests and things at the minute to find out what's going on. The 1st time I was ill I had really bad stomach pains - literally crawling the bed in pain , couldn’t eat without being sick, was jaundiced by the 2nd time round. The pain wasn't as bad but I had fluid retention in my stomach and just felt generally unwell with both of them. I was really tired most of time.

When my care went under Queen Elizabeth hospital they quickly diagnosed me and they were amazing the care was fantastic and they were really supportive especially because I had a baby as well.

This hasn't affected my family life, if anything it has brought us closer together, I had to quit my job as I just couldn't focus and was tired all the time, when I had the jaundice having people stare at me was really upsetting I tried to avoid going out as didn't want people just looking and talking about me, waiting for call for my 2nd transplant was nervous not knowing when the call would be and then the call came and it was like action stations to get me to the Hospital and making sure my daughter was taken care of, as with my 1st transplant I was in intensive care and was already asleep and when they woke me up I didn't even know it was done.

I would like to help others by sharing my story, I have a Facebook page called Hope For Lucy.

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